Door Closers

We supply, install, service and repair a variety of overhead door closers and door closer accessories from manufacturers such as Dorma, Geze, Briton, Axim, Ryobi, Groom and Jebron.

An overhead door closer is a hydraulic device that is surface mounted to close a door. Choosing a door closer involves the consideration of door weight and width, traffic flow, fire regulations, environment, resistance to opening force (for the disabled or infirm) and required colour finish.

We stock a large range of makes and models suitable for various applications. We can also source many other manufacturers door closers and accessories if required.

Dorma TS 68

Dorma TS68 Door Closer

Dorma TS 71

Dorma TS71 Door Closer

Dorma TS72 VBC

Dorma TS72 VBC Door Closer

Dorma TS73 V

Dorma TS73v Door Closer

Dorma TS83

Dorma TS83

Dorma TS90 (Cam Action Closer)

Dorma TS90

Dorma TS93 (Cam Action Closer)

Dorma TS93

Dorma ITS96 (Concealed Cam Action Closer)

Dorma TS96

Invisible hydraulic spring, completely inlaid in the door jamb. To guarantee that the most sophisticated doors preserve their attractiveness, now they can be equipped with any inlay system – the first device of its kind which integrates itself to the door leaf and jamb with maximum elegance.

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