Aluminium Doors and Screens

Aluminium Doors

We provide a total package from survey to installation for aluminium doors and screens to suit a variety of uses including, offices, shops and shopping centres, schools and hospitals.

We offer the following systems to suit both needs and budgets:

All options can be installed as manual or automatic door systems.

Aluminium Doors Installation
Aluminium Door Manufacturing

Doors and screens are available in a range of configurations, designs and glazing options. They can be finished in any BS or RAL colour from the standard range. All doors and screens are available in single glazing (from 6.4mm thickness) or double glazing (up to 28mm thickness).

We also offer a thermal option if required. A comprehensive variety of hardware is available for each door fully tailored to meet the requirements of the customer.

We also specialize in providing customized solutions for specific architectural needs. Our team ensures a seamless transition from survey to installation, guaranteeing precision and quality every step of the way. Whether it’s for offices, shops, shopping centers, schools, or hospitals, our aluminium doors and screens are crafted to meet diverse requirements. In addition to a plethora of configurations and designs, we offer a wide range of glazing options to suit your preferences. Our doors and screens can be tailored to match any BS or RAL color from the standard palette. From single glazing to double glazing, we accommodate various thermal requirements, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort.

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